Praise for Mpowerme Mindfulness


Jennifer, Wicklow

My two children aged 9 and 4 attended Lorraine's Online Halloween Workshop.

With Halloween being a little different in 2020, Lorraine brought fun, creativity and positivity for the duration. I wasn’t sure how an online kids workshop would work but my goodness did Lorraine hold their attention for the duration.

There was a serious message behind the fun and activities and it created a safe way for the kids to share how they were feeling and how sometimes they have big feelings.

Two weeks on Tom, my eldest, is still talking about blowing pumpkin soup (breathing technique) when he is feeling a little overwhelmed.

Lorraine you have a truly wonderful way with the kids teaching them techniques that have never been more important. Thank you so much again.


My little girl loved the online class.

It's so hard to explain what a creative mindfulness class is, but it's so much more than you would think.

The kids are learning about their feelings and practicing appreciating all the great things about them, such a confidence builder.

My child has even begun to come up with her own coping strategies for dealing with anxiety since starting the course.

Lorraine has a lovely way with children and brings them all out of their shell to take part in this lovely activity.
Highly recommended!


My son really enjoyed this class from day one!! Sometimes is difficult to get him to talk about stuff, also he is going through a lot of emotions for a while. Since the first term, I have seen a difference, he talks more, he is also telling me stuff from 2 years ago. I find that Lorraine teaches my son to be ok to talk about his feelings with me and to be grateful in life.


My two girls are so excited to attend Lorraine's class again, they had a super time. The art, the meditation, mindfulness and games, they especially loved the work they brought home. They could not wait to come home from school and write down their gratitude for the day, incorporating into their paper Christmas chain. Mam and Dad are going to get onto this ourselves! Lorraine is very patient and calming with the children . I would highly recommend contacting Lorraine for a course with children as my girls are really reaping the benefits. Mammy is enjoying doing it too! We shall see you soon for more mindfulness and meditation. thank you.

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