Tracing Our Breath


Tracing Our Breath printable resource

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Mindfulness of the breath is a great introduction to mindfulness practice for children. Bringing a creative element into the exercise can help anchor a child to the breath.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the moment on purpose and without judgment. It will help children to understand Mindfulness if you explain that we can have lots of thoughts and feelings moving and changing in our minds all day long. Some days we have busy storms of thoughts but just like clouds they never stay in the same place or the same.

When our thoughts get very busy we can struggle to deal with the emotions present. By focusing on Mindful breathing we help become aware of them moving and changing and focusing on something will help clear the clouds.

Taking a mindful break and using this printable to help anchor your child to the here and now will have powerful benefits.

Your child will become more self aware, increase calm and wellbeing. Once you start a practice you can take it anywhere!