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Practicing Gratitude printable resource

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Gratitude helps us focus on the good things in our lives. As we begin to practice mindfulness, paying attention in the moment without judgement, we begin to become more aware of all the thoughts and feelings that visit us every day.

Sometimes that awareness can show up sadness and uncomfortable feelings. It is important to allow your child to know they belong.

To focus on gratitude helps with this process of awareness. Focusing on good things can help children become more resilient and optimistic.

Using this printable to help anchor your child good things will have powerful benefits. Have fun cutting and gluing a dice for your child, decoration can be part of the mindful exercise. Roll the dice and follow the prompt on the page to think of a person, place thing, food and something great about being you, and fill that tree up with all the good things in life.

This is a lovely family / group exercise.