AGES 9 to 12


Give your kids the gift of a calming two hours of grounding and relaxation through fun & creative mindful activities (without having to sit still!)  

There is nothing worse that hearing your child be very unfairly critical of themselves.  No matter what you say they may not hear you telling them differently.  

 In this workshop your tween will learn important life skills that will help them become aware of their inner dialogue and replace negative self talk with more positive ,confident and affirming messages.

Suitable for ages 9-12

Your child will:

colorful, prismatic, chromatic

Evie loves your classes

I don’t know what it is, but out of everything she does, she loves yours so much. She proudly shows her teacher and class the mindful breathing you teach. So thanks Lorraine, I wish I had your skills here.


colorful, prismatic, chromatic

My little girl loved the online class

Its so hard to explain what a creative mindfulness class is, but its so much more than you would think. The kids are learning about their feelings and practicing appreciating all the great things about them, such a confidence builder. My child has even began to come up with her own coping strategies for dealing with anxiety since starting the course. Lorraine has a lovely way with children and brings them all out of their shell to take part in this lovely activity. highly recommend