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Mpowerme Mindfulness

Teaching children creative mindfulness


About my Kids' Classes

Classes and workshops are taught in a creative way with story telling, crafts, fun breathing exercises and some guided relaxation.

Children learn about how our brains work, gain awareness of themselves, their bodies and the world and people that surround them.

Each week there is a specific theme we approach and discuss.

Children will learn life skills & have a Mindful toolkit to cope well in the ever changing world today into adulthood.

Children learn valuable life skills to help cope with and find language to explain big emotions.

They learn how to regulate their emotions and learn how to be compassionate to themselves.

Classes are currently held in person and  online via Zoom

Benefits of the classes

Here are some of the benefits parents have experienced after their child has attended classes.

Child much more able to self regulate

Child is more confident

There is more peace and calm at home

Child is happier and can understand & express how they feel so we can talk instead of shouting or fighting.

Skipping into school with head held high and a smile

Can listen and take instruction.

Increased empathy & gratitude

Who are these classes for?

This particular class is for 4-7 & 8-12 year olds who are dealing with some big emotions and self regulate in the current climate.

Do any of these behaviours sound familiar?

  • Tantrums, screaming, shouting and becoming frustrated
  • Putting themselves down or acute shyness
  • Currently struggling with homeschooling
  • Not wanting to mix or go to school
  • Not listening and struggles to concentrate
  • Disturbed sleep or not wanting to go to bed

Teaching children creative mindfulness helps them to deal with big emotions in a fun way to help them enjoy a more carefree childhood.

How to book a class

Would your child benefit from one of my mindfulness classes?

They will learn techniques that can be used at all stages of life to help them create their own toolbox of life skills.

They will learn skills such as being present in a moment and remaining calm under pressure.

Mindfulness is their very own super power!

I teach the children simple mindful breathing techniques and guided meditation. I also teach mindfulness through storytelling, arts and crafting which will help with everyday mindfulness practices.

For more information, contact me.

Since the first term, I have seen a difference in my son, he talks more, Lorraine has taught him to be ok to talk about his feelings.


Lorraine is very patient and calming with the children; my two girls are so excited to attend her class again. I would highly recommend Lorraine