About Fun & Creative Mindfulness


Mindfulness is the act of paying attention in the moment non judgmentally. Bringing a creative element into it helps reinforce the techniques, and helps children to learn through play and fun.
Mindfulness techniques can be used at all stages of life to help children create their own toolbox of life skills.
They will learn skills such as being present in a moment, and remaining calm under pressure.

Mindfulness is their very own super power!

About Lorraine

As a Mam of two myself, I see how difficult it is to navigate our ever changing world. I myself was a very anxious child and anxious well into adulthood.
Mindfulness techniques helped me so much I felt so inspired to share its power.
Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if children were emotionally resilient from a young age and never knew any differently?
My approach to classes are to make them fun with high energy moments and some magic calm moments scattered throughout.

  • I am a mother of two and very committed to my own personal practice.
  • I believe fully in the positive benefits of formal and informal methods of Mindfulness.
  • I love comedy, especially comedy improv. It’s become such an important part of my life that I’ve even developed my workshops based on it.  It’s an amazing way to build a stronger connection to the present moment in a fun and creative way.
  • I am SNA trained, a qualified trainer and curriculum designer for kids’, teens’ and parents’ classes and workshops.
  • I have worked with many children and adults with all ranges of learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities.
  • I am fully accredited and insured, child protection and garda vetted.
  • I pride myself on my patience and trauma awareness.
  • I also have a background in art and drama which I bring to each class to help reinforce what I cover.
Lorraine Clery
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Satisfied Parents


Lorraine has a lovely way with children and brings them all out of their shell to take part in this lovely activity. Highly recommended!